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Repairing showers in the wider Dublin area for over 15 years

Dublin Shower Repairs

My name is Simon and I have been repairing all makes of showers such as Triton, Aqualisa, Mira, Stuart Turner in Dublin for over 15 years. Call me on 01-5620661 for a free shower repair assessment.

Shower Repairs Dublin
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Dublin Shower Repair Services

I have been fixing and repairing electric showers and pumps in Dublin and surrounding areas for over 15 years. If you have any questions about your shower, you can call me free of charge for a shower assessment.

Shower Repair

I repair all the leading brands such as Triton, Mira, Aqualisa and many more.

Digital Showers

The latest in power shower technology. High Pressure showers with sleek digital display.

Pump Repairs

Faulty pump? No problem. I can repair all the leading brand such as Stuart Turner, Monsoon, Salamander and Grunfos.

No Fix. No Fee.

I’ll always do my best to help you fix your shower yourself. Sometimes it is a simple shower setting or limescale. I work on a no fix no fee basis. I can’t say fairer than that.

1. Free Phone Assessment

First thing I do is to jump on a call to try and diagnose the shower problem. Surprisingly, sometimes it can be fixed over the phone. 

2. House Call

If I cannot diagnose the problem over the phone, I'll need call out to your home and have a look at the shower to properly assess the issue.

3. Shower Repair

If a shower repair is needed, I'll do my best to fix it with spare parts and I only recommend a replacement if absolutely necessary.


Most frequent questions and answers

This is usually one of two things, the first being limescale in the shower head. When the head gets blocked with limescale the water cannot get out quick enough, this causes the water to get heated for longer than it needs. 

Give your shower head a good scrub while its running to clear the limescale.  If your shower head is clear and you have temperature issues then its more than likely a blocked filter. In this case you would need an engineer to callout take off the cover and give the shower a service.

The noise is coming from the motor/pump inside your shower. If the shower is old or is getting heavy use, the bearings and brushes in the motor wears down and cause this noise. An engineer would need to callout to replace the part needed.

If you have an electric shower, it is more than likely the pullcord ceiling switch or separate on/off switch is burnt out and needs replacing. If its an Aqualisa Aquastream its more than likely a switch inside the shower itself that is faulty and needs to be replaced.
This is a common problem I usually find when the shower is 8 years old or more. The drip is coming from one of the main parts called the cartridge. This part is quite expensive but worth replacing if the rest of the shower is in good condition.

In most apartments there is a water booster pump in the hotpress. If problem is not an airlock then a part needs to be replaced inside the pump. If the pump is over 10yrs old it may need replacing altogether. 


Sometimes a shower problem can be fixed over the phone. Give me a call and we’ll see what the problem is. 


I am a qualified shower engineer trained by Aqualisa in the UK. I have been fixing and repairing electric showers and pumps for over 15 years. I have two simple goals;

  • Bring high pressure power showers to Dublin
  • Repair existing showers to the highest standard at a competitive price.

If you have any questions about your shower or pump, you can call me for a free diagnosis on 01 5620661

Simon McFetridge

Owner of Power Showers Dublin

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Write me a message below and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Or call me on 01-5620661 for a free shower assessment

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